Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Refinements & Corrections

Having to look at the rough cut of my documentation and the final product to discover the errors prevalent.
I found quite a few.
  • Since both sides of the booklet were of the same orientation, the book opened upside down. To correct that I changed the orientation of the text on the back panel (information panel).
  • There was no connection between the image/text of the woman on the front panel and the information on the back panel. So I added one line of text to connect the communication.
  • The woman on the front had no earrings, I had completely missed that out even though it was in my initial sketch, so I added that as well. There was some inconsistencies with her slippers and her hand was also misshapen.
  • Some text at the end of the information had been repeated, so I needed to change that.
Looking through the rough printed version of my documentation for mistakes as well.

Next, will post the images of final printed documentation and final product (along with indication of scale).

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